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Licensed Oregon Principal Broker

Beltran Properties Group

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About Mike Rohrig

Meet Our Director of Sales: Mike Rohrig

We’re beyond excited to have Mike Rohrig on Team Beltran as our Director of Sales. In this role, Mike works with our team members to raise the bar even higher and help the entire team perform at its highest level.

In addition, he works directly with you, our clients, to add another layer of customer service, support and skill to enhance your experience with us.

Mike has worked in real estate for almost 15 years. In 2001, he earned his broker’s license. In 2005, he became a Principal Broker and managed other agents while still working with his own clients. In 2009, he decided to step back and focus solely on his own clients again. And now, we’re happy to say, he’s a member of Beltran Properties’ management team!

In addition to his exceptional professional experience, Mike brings unique skills from his volunteer experience with TIPNW.

The organization works with people going through traumatic experiences. Volunteers are on call, much like emergency and rescue workers, to respond to emergency situations. Instead of performing traditional first aid, their job is to provide emotional first aid, supporting victims as they move through and beyond the traumatic moment.

For a seasoned real estate professional to possess this level of sensitivity and support is incredibly beneficial to our team and our clients. We feel so lucky to have such a well-rounded human being in our real estate family.

We also love Mike’s general approach to real estate. When we asked him a few questions about joining our team, here’s what he said:

“I always come at the situation thinking, ‘What is the best for my client?’ It’s one of the reasons I joined the Beltran team. There aren’t a lot of agents that put the client first. Team Beltran does, and that aligns with my philosophy. I joined this team because I saw like-minded people doing real estate the right way.”

Mike is also passionate about continually learning to improve his own capabilities, then passing on that knowledge to his clients to help them navigate the home buying and selling process with confidence.

He especially loves the challenge of listing expired homes (homes that didn’t sell with the previous agent). He finds it rewarding and exhilarating to be able to succeed where other agents have failed.

(Hint, hint: If you know anyone who’s having a tough time selling their home, send them to Team Beltran.)

When Mike is not making the impossible possible in the real estate world, you can find him playing basketball or reading. You might also find him relaxing and recharging along the Oregon coast. Oh, and if you’re into comics, ask him about that one time he owned a comic book store, but be sure to avoid the topic of soup.